How to Buy a Diamond Ring     

Now that you've met the woman you want to spend your life with, you'll want to pick out a Diamond Engagement Ring to symbolize your love for each other.  That's not nearly as difficult as it may seem.

How do I buy the right diamond?
You don't have to make this decision by yourself.  Visit our store with your fiancÚ and take note of those rings that seem to appeal to her. Her enthusiasm is your best clue about what style to select. Later, you can return alone and make the purchase.

How do I know I'm buying a quality diamond?
Good question!  The quality of a diamond is determined by Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight, otherwise known as "The 4Cs."

Many people confuse cut with shape. A diamond's cut is what gives it its fire and sparkle. When cut to good proportions, the diamond is better able to handle light, creating more sparkle.

The best diamond has no color!  A colorless diamond allows white light to pass through and be dispersed as a rainbow of different colors.

Most diamonds contain very tiny natural birthmarks know as inclusions. However, the fewer and smaller these inclusions are, the better the diamond can allow light to pass through.

This is the weight of the diamond measured in carats. Carat-weight is the easiest of the 4Cs to determine.  One carat is divided into 100 points, so a 75 point diamond weighs .75 carat.  Two diamonds of equal weight can have very unequal value, depending on the three other of the "4Cs" characteristics.  Fine quality can be found in diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Hammel Jewelers are diamond experts and will be happy to explain the 4Cs and show you the differences between various qualities of diamonds.

What's the best shape for a diamond ring?
The precision with which your diamond is cut will determine its brilliance, its fire, and its ultimate beauty. However, the shape you select is a matter of personal taste.

When should I buy a diamond ring?
Whenever feels right to you is the right time.  Some men look for a diamond right after they've "popped the question."  Others purchase one on their own and then surprise their fiancÚ with a diamond ring when they make their proposal.  Some women wish to make the selection themselves.

How much money should I spend on a diamond ring?
Two months' salary is generally considered a good guideline to follow. That may seem like a lot, but it really isn't when you think about it.  The cost of everything has gone up. And you can't expect to pay the
same price for your diamond as your parents did. Fortunately, your
Diamond Engagement Ring does have great value and, like love, can grow more precious with time.

What if I want to spend more than two months' salary?
Go ahead--what you spend on a Diamond Engagement Ring is your
decision.  Two months' salary is simply a rule-of-thumb to help you with this important purchase.

How do I pay for a diamond ring?
This is a major purchase, so Hammel Jewelers accepts all major credit cards.

What if I still have questions about diamond rings?
Visit our store at 108 West Water Street in Decorah.  Our employees are an excellent source of knowledge about diamonds and are eager to share this information with you.


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